Hempfield Finishes 4th at LL Championship Tournament

The Black Knights secured 4th Place as a team out of the 22 LL teams participating this weekend at Garden Spot. Hempfield had 3 Finalists on Saturday night, and all 3 wrestled great tournaments to get to the Finals, and all 3 coming up just short of the top spot on the podium at the end of the night. At 120, David Good, lost a very close 4-2 decision to Alex Proffitt of Solanco. At 195, Tommy Bennett lost a 5-3 overtime decision to Adam Gilson of Cedar Crest. At 220, Joey Goodhart lost by a 2-1 score to Bo Spiller of Solanco, on a late stall call, which broke the 1-1 tie which had existed most of the match. For Goodhart it was his first loss of the season.

Aidyn Miller, 113, wrestled very well in finishing 3rd at his weight class. Jordan Ortiz, 182, also placed 3rd on the day. Brandon Hartman, 106, and Brady Mathias, 170 took 5th place, and Tyler Reber rounded out our placewinners as a team, by finishing 8th at 160. Every wrestler who participated in this tournament won at least one match, and helped the team to achieve it’s Fourth place finish. Austin Kline, 132, and Preston Greener, 145, notched their first victories of their young Black Knight careers, both via the Fall route at this tournament. Overall an excellent tournament for the young Black Knight squad. Next up is the District Dual Meet Tournament, which begins on Tuesday night at 6 pm, as the Knights take on top-seeded Cumberland Valley at their place. Hempfield qualified for this tournament for the first time in 4 years, and it should be a real good test for the team.
106- Brandon Hartman d. A. Jones, Eph. 8-6
        C. Sheehan S, p. B. Hartman H, 1:53
        B. Hartman, H, p. A. Pasquale, E, 2:22
        B. Hartman, H, d. G.Clark, GS, 3-2
        J. Morales,  CV, d. B. Hartman, H, 12-8
        B. Hartman, H, d. M. Styer, PV, 8-6 – 5th Place
113 – Aidyn Miller, TF. A. Stoltzfus, LS, 6:00
          A. Miller, H, d. A. Miller, Coc, 7-0
          D. Schnupp, W. d. A. Miller, H, 7-4
          A. Miller, H, d. Morrison, S. 11-3
          A. Miller, H. d. Goldbach, LC, 6-1 3rd Place
120 – David Good p. Hummel, LS, 3:15
          D. Good, H, d. West, MC, 8-5
          D. Good, H, C. Puglio, E, 7-4
          A. Proffitt, S. d. D. Good, 4-2, 2nd Place
126 – Luke Granbois d. A. Maldonado, L, 5-2
          M. Schneider, PM, md. L. Granbois, 16-2
          L. Granbois, H, p. R. Pentz, Coc, 1:13
          L. Granbois, H, by med default over Hargraves, LS
          M. Dorak, AC, d L. Granbois, H, 5-2
132 – W. Jacineer, JPM, md. Austin Kline, H, 14-1
          A. Kline, H. p. C. Hummelberger, AC, 2:49
         S. Shuman, LS, d. A. Kline, H. 6-2
138 – Evan Brown d. M. Kline, LC, 11-6
         C. Schuyler, MT, TF E. Brown, H, 3:59
         T. Amspacher, D. d. E. Brown, H. 4-1
145 – Preston Greener, p. D. Blackman, AC, 1:33
         A. Peris, JPM, m.d. P. Greener, H, 14-4
         P. Greener, H, d. T. Snyder, D, 9-7
         M. Pacheco, Eph. d. P. Greener, H, 8-1
152 –  Illya Dariychuk, CV, p. Alex Gainer, 2:29
           A. Gainer, H, p. D. Shellhammer, CC, 2:59
           A. Rueppel, E, d. A. Gainer, H, 6-3
160 – Dan Swarr, GS, TF Tyler Reber, 6:00
          T. Reber, H. d. H. Smith, S, 8-3
          T. Reber, H, d. Z. Cain, CV, 6-2
          Z. Bankus, E, p. T. Reber, H. 2:09
          J. Habowski, LS, d. T. Reber, H, 8-1, 8th Place
170 – Brady Mathias, d. Josh Miller, W, 5-0
          B. Mathias, H, d. J. Zechman, AC, 7-1
          T. Rhoads, MC, m.d. B. Mathias, H, 17-3
          P. Sherpa, CC, d. B. Mathias, H. 4-3
          B. Mathias, H. d. M. Huber, PV, 1-0, 5th Place
182 – Jordan Ortiz, H. d. Avery Quinn,W, 12-1
          J. Ortiz, H, p. C. Maxwell, D, 3:48
          J. Shorter, MT, p. J. Ortiz, H, 2:47
          J. Ortiz, H, d. R. Beard, CC, 6-3
          J. Ortiz, H, d. J. Kann, PM, 6-4, 3rd place
195- Tommy Bennett, p. Walker Metzger, GS, :47
          T. Bennett, H, p. B. Fittery, MC, 1:41
          T. Bennett, H. TF, C. Eisenhauer, 17-2, 4:24
          A. Gilson, CC, d. T. Bennett, H, 5-3 OT, 2nd Place
220- Joey Goodhart p. Jose Anazopraphy, L, 1:03
         J. Goodhart, H, p. P. Tollinger, LS, :21
         J. Goodhart, H. d. Z. Pfeiffer, PM, 11-7
         B. Spiller, S, d. J. Goodhart, H, 2-1, 2nd Place