Youth Wrestlers Compete at Donegal Tournament

The Youth Wrestlers competed at the Donegal Tournament on February 20th. Results below. 

Midget Novice

 1st Place-Dayne Abel, Tiejen Abel and Dylan Quinn

2nd Place- Joshua Ortiz, Weston Koehlor, Landon Smith and Brayden Gebhard

3rd Place- Casey Williams, Blake Stover, Mason Koehler, Elliot Rattiram and Brody Gebhard

4th Place- Vance Jenkins

Junior Novice

 1st Place- Aidan Shorter

2nd Place-Taylor Abel, Jasmine Eklund, Nathan Wingenroth and Jake Eichelberger

4th Place- Ian Hoak

Midget Open

1st Place- Dominic Angelo, Elijah Walls and Jak Stauffer

2nd Place- Sutton Schopf

4th Place-Dillon Goerner

Also Wrestled but didn’t place was Brayden Hostetter

Junior Open

 1st Place- Ben Henderson

2nd Place- Noah Caslow, Trey Marin, and Chapman Davison

3rd Place-Andrew Edye and Caleb Mussmon

4th Place-Owen Quinn

Also wrestling but didn’t place were Trenton Brandt and Nathaniel Varner