Bellefonte Top 100 Results

6 and Under

 4th Place- Grayson Angelo


8 and Under

 4th Place- Dayne Abel, Charlie Williams

 5th Place- Dylan Quinn

 6th Place- Brady Deck

 7th Place- Tiejen Abel


10 and Under

 4th Place-Derek Katch, Sutton Schopf

 6th Place- Dominic Angelo


12 and Under

 2nd Place-Seamus Mack, Grant Hoover, Kamron Fickes

 3rd Place-Noah Caslow, Gavin Doyle

 4th Place- Cole Peters, Braden Edwards, Brian Williams

 6th Place- Owen Quinn

 7th Place- Trenton Brandt


Jr. High

 3rd Place- Reagan LeFevre, Dylan Bard

 5th Place- Michael Karpathios, Luke De George