Youth Garden Spot Results

Novice Midget

 1st Place- Dayne Able, Tietjen Abel, Blakw Stover, Brayden Gebhard, Joey Gallo, Patrick Christoffel, Dane Calabretta and Caleb Hernandez

 2nd place- Casey Williams

 3rd Place- Grayson Angelo, Joshua Ortiz, Brayden Shaner, Max Loudenbeck, Jaxon Beckman, Evan Hutchinson, and Liam Monskie

 4th Place- Vance Jenkins, Max Switzenberg

 Novice Junior 

1st Place- Neil Rapp

2nd Place- Jasmine Eklund, Sergio Garcia, Deshawn Jones, and JJ Plaza

3rd Place- Peyton Keiser, Kain Hayden, Ethan Stefanescu and Jeremiah Curtiss

4th Place- Johnny Mauck, Aiden French and Liam Lau

Open Midget

 1st Place- Charlie Williams, Derek Katch and Brayden Hostetter

 2nd Place- Elijah Sanchez

3rd Place- Brody Gebhard

4th Place- Isaac Lawler


Wrestled but didn’t place were Jak Stauffer, Brady Deck and Dylan Quinn


Open Junior


2nd Place- Dominic Angelo, Owen Quinn and Caleb Mussmon


3rd Place- Cole Peters and Brian Williams


4th Place- Noah Caslow, Elijah Walls and Andrew Edye


Wrestled but didn’t place were Ian Hoak, Alex Cranford, Dillion Goener, Sutton Schopf, Frank Christoffel, Jordy Edye and Trenton Brandt