Youth Donegal Tournament Results

Novice Midget


1st Place- Dayne Abel, Tietjen Abel and Brayden Gebhard


2nd Place- Weston Koehler, Gavin Rush, Blake Stover and Landon Smith


3rd Place- Joshua Ortiz, Brayden Shaner


4th Place- Vance Jenkins


Also wrestling but didn’t place were Owen Nelson, Max Loudenbeck, Maximus Switzenburg, Jaxon Beckman, Liam Monskie and Timothy Musser


Novice Junior


1st Place Johnny Mauck and JJ Plaza


2nd Place- Deshawn Jones and Neil Rapp


3rd Place- Peyton Keiser and Sergio Garcia


Also wrestling but didn’t place was Liam Lau


Midget Open


1st Place- Brayden Hostetter


2nd Place- Jak Stauffer, Derek Katch and Brody Gedhard


4th Place- Grayson Angelo


Also wrestling but didn’t place were Joey Gallo, Dylan Quinn and Caleb Hernandez


Junior Open


1st Place- Andrew Eyde


2nd Place- Cole Peters and Trenton Brandt


3rd Place- Owen Quinn


4th Place- Noah Caslow, Elijah Walls and Sutton Schopf


Also wrestling but didn’t place were Ian Hoak, Jasmine Eklund and Dillion Goerner