Rudis Wrestling Gear Store Open, Closes October 31st

The 2017-18 Rudis Fight Store is NOW OPEN for business. This store will be open for the month of October.  IT WILL CLOSE OCTOBER 31. It will not reopen.  This will be your only chance to order the Rudis Gear.  However, we will have another spirit store opening in the weeks to follow.  The spirit store will not include any Rudis Gear.  This is our featured OPTIONAL, very high quality, competition gear.  The Rudis Company is an Ohio based company that strictly caters to the wrestling community.  They offer very high quality competition gear that is strictly designed for wrestlers by wrestlers.  I think you will be impressed.  They are a wrestlers brand of choice.

Hempfield Wrestling Fight Gear

This singlet will be worn by our youth dual team only.  There is absolutely no requirement to purchase the youth singlet as singlets will be provided by the club.  These singlets will be strictly worn by our youth dual team and will be provided.  Anyone is welcome to purchase if you so desire.  These singlets will not be worn by any sanctioned High School or Junior High matches as they are not an approved school district uniform.  

 All of our pricing came in at or very near the cost of ordering directly off of the Rudis website.   However, all of our gear is custom made for Hempfield Wrestling.  Sizes cannot be exchanged.  I am attaching a size chart to help you determine the best fit.  Their Rudis Gen III Gear Pack, while a bit pricey, is their trademark item and put Rudis on the map.  It will not disappoint. WE CUSTOM BUNDLED OUR MOST POPULAR ITEMS.  You will save money with the buying the bundle.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly.

 This order will be placed immediately after the store closes.  Expect the gear by mid December.  It will be shipped in bulk directly to me and I will distribute.

Thank You.  I hope you will enjoy it.  Hempfield is going to look sharp again this year!  The season is just around the corner and we all are looking forward to another successful one.  See you all soon and Go Hempfield!

 Coach Matt Deck, ,717.824.0343