Chase Mathias Clinches Black Knights Victory Over J.P. McCaskey

Junior Chase Mathias needed a tech fall or fall to elevate the Black Knights over the Red Tornadoes, and he came through with a second period fall to secure a 38-35 victory.  Freshman Russ Hanes set the table by bumping up to 170lbs and coming from behind to pick up a pin of his own.  Dionne, Alies, Carr, Salama and Dryer all picked up key wins for Hempfield.

285: Luke Dreyer (HEHS) over (JPMH) (For.) 106: Jordan Holland (JPMH) over Giovanni Luciano (HEHS) (Fall 5:33) 113: Jose Tirado (JPMH) over Brady Sample (HEHS) (Fall 1:16) 120: Nevin Estevez (JPMH) over Jake Chasser (HEHS) (Fall 0:42) 126: Jonathan Berlingeri (JPMH) over Luke Degeorge (HEHS) (Fall 3:35) 132: Joel Dionne (HEHS) over Julian Holland (JPMH) (MD 12-4) 138: David Alies (HEHS) over Eric Rodriguez (JPMH) (Fall 2:28) 145: Christian Carr (HEHS) over Andrew Vogerlbacher (JPMH) (Fall 5:09) 152: Joey Battle (JPMH) over Ian Edwards (HEHS) (Fall 1:50) 160: Mina Salama (HEHS) over Daniel Ortiz (JPMH) (MD 11-1) 170: Russ HAnes (HEHS) over Gilbert Colon Valentin (JPMH) (Fall 4:59) 182: Double Forfeit 195: Chase Mathias (HEHS) over shayne Hartley (JPMH) (Fall 3:00) 220: Kyler Rodriguez (JPMH) over (HEHS) (For.) (JPMH unsportsmanlike conduct 195 lb -1.00)