High School Rebounds with Victory Over Solanco

After dropping duals to Dallastown and Governor Mifflin, the Black Knights defeated the Mules of Solanco on Wednesday evening.

Hempfield 40.  Solanco 36

220: Nick Yannutz (SOHS) over Luke Dreyer (HEHS) (Fall 1:05) 285: Zac Bicevskis (HEHS) over (SOHS) (For.) 106: Giovanni Luciano (HEHS) over Dominic Flatt (SOHS) (Inj. [time]) 113: Brady Sample (HEHS) over (SOHS) (For.) 120: Sheldon Peiffer (SOHS) over Caleb Schultz (HEHS) (MD 16-4) 126: Zach Spade (SOHS) over Conner Schultz (HEHS) (MD 16-3) 132: Chase Charles (SOHS) over Joel Dionne (HEHS) (MD 9-1) 138: Grayson Charles (SOHS) over David Alies (HEHS) (Fall 0:49) 145: Christian Carr (HEHS) over Joey Vandegriff (SOHS) (Fall 1:44) 152: Ian Edwards (HEHS) over (SOHS) (For.) 160: Russ HAnes (HEHS) over Tucker Pierson (SOHS) (MD 13-4) 170: AJ Wilson (SOHS) over (HEHS) (For.) 182: Ben Root (SOHS) over (HEHS) (For.) 195: Chase Mathias (HEHS) over Shaneef Carter (SOHS) (Fall 1:19)


106: Adam Karlie (DAH) over Giovanni Luciano (HEHS) (Fall 4:40) 113: Donovan Trauger (DAH) over Brady Sample (HEHS) (Fall 0:21) 120: Cael Turnbull (DAH) over Caleb Schultz (HEHS) (Fall 1:16) 126: Brooks Gable (DAH) over Conner Schultz (HEHS) (Fall 3:08) 132: Dalton Daugherty (DAH) over Joel Dionne (HEHS) (Fall 1:45) 138: Sam Druck (DAH) over David Alies (HEHS) (Fall 2:37) 145: Christian Carr (HEHS) over Hunter Sweitzer (DAH) (Fall 2:54) 152: John Ligon (DAH) over Ian Edwards (HEHS) (Fall 0:42) 160: Franklin Klinger (DAH) over Russ HAnes (HEHS) (Dec 6-5) 170: Garrett Johnson (DAH) over Mina Salama (HEHS) (Fall 2:36) 182: Jarrett Feeney (DAH) over Chase Mathias (HEHS) (Fall 5:17) 195: Andrew Smith (DAH) over (HEHS) (For.) 220: Jamal Brandon (DAH) over Luke Dreyer (HEHS) (Fall 3:48) 285: Raymond Christas (DAH) over Zac Bicevskis (HEHS) (Fall 3:03)

Hempfield/Governor Mifflin

113: Michael Raab (GMH) over Brady Sample (HEHS) (Fall 3:22) 120: Caleb Schultz (HEHS) over Devin Simpson (GMH) (Dec 10-4) 126: Joseph Yachnik (GMH) over Conner Schultz (HEHS) (Fall 1:18) 132: Kyle Seibert (GMH) over Joel Dionne (HEHS) (TF 20-4 4:26) 138: David Alies (HEHS) over Derek Defreece (GMH) (Fall 3:55) 145: Christian Carr (HEHS) over Jacob Blanski (GMH) (Fall 1:56) 152: Ian Edwards (HEHS) over Dalton Putt (GMH) (Dec 6-1) 160: John Arentz (GMH) over Russ HAnes (HEHS) (Fall 1:53) 170: Dante Cavallucci (GMH) over Mina Salama (HEHS) (Fall 0:36) 182: Gabe Kitsch (GMH) over Chase Mathias (HEHS) (Fall 1:51) 195: Evan Dobson (GMH) over (HEHS) (For.) 220: Luke Dreyer (HEHS) over Jacob Makosch (GMH) (Dec 4-1) 285: Jordan Espinosa (GMH) over Zac Bicevskis (HEHS) (Fall 2:18) 106: Giovanni Luciano (HEHS) over Michael Casanova (GMH) (Fall 3:13)