Hempfield Youth Wraps Up Regular Season with Top 5 Finish at 2019 CPWA League Tourney

leaugue pic

Our youth finished the regular season with a respectable 5th place finish at the CPWA League Championships.  Charlie Williams became our first ever CPWA League Champion with an exciting overtime victory in his finals match.  A few minutes later, Dominic Angelo dominated his opponent enroute to his first place trophy.  In the open division, Hempfield brought home hardware for nine top 8 finishers.  Our novice wrestlers also competed the day before earning more points than any other school in the league.  Great way to finish the season and end our inaugural year in a very competitive CPWA league!


1st Place Charlie Williams, Dominic Angelo

3rd Place Deshawn Jones

4th Place Grayson Angelo

5th Place Brayden Hostetter

7th Place Tietjen Abel, Jacob Reichardt, Grayson Doyle, Zy Murray



1st Place Liam Horner,Caleb Schlossman

2nd Place Connor Beckman, Caleb Horn, Alex Lau, Chase Zimmerman

3rd Place Austin Cote, Darren Myers, Liam Sutton

4th Place Thor Collier, Brayden Kolp


1st Place Caleb Hoosier, Gabin Lambert, Liam Monskie, Gavin Rush

2nd Place Greyson Gustafson, Bennett Heisey, Owen Nelson, Charlie Stairs, Matt Werley

3rd PLace Connor Charles, Toma Cox, Juan Rattiram, Brayden Shaner, Jackson Sleighter, Oliver Zachary

4th Place Arwin Angel, Noah Gerz, Logan Gill, Landon Jarosweski, Max Loudenbeck, Kayden Werner


1st Place Cameron Bechtel, Daniel Johns, Carson Landis, Timmy McQuire, Max Switzenberg

2nd Place Aiden Bolen, Will Henderson, Christian Zachary

3rd Place Dylan Deborg-Coyne, Damian Frankford, Sam Jauss, AJ Rivera

4th Place Ali Ansari


1st Place Jack Fields, Zy Murray

2nd Place Will Heisey, Ian Zachary

4th Place Ryan Loretz