Board and Officers

2018- 2019 Booster Club Officers

President :          Dylan Bard

Vice President : Nate Cote

Secretary:           Amy Edwards

Treasurer:           Jim Lefevre

Board members: Chris Williams, Mindy Charles, Nicole Dryer, Alexis Keiser, Russ Hanes, Alyssa Shultz, Amy Edwards, Greg Monskie, Kelly Cote, and Josh Mussmon.

Matt Deck, Dana Edwards, Dan Brandt, Kevin Kreider, Gordon Hoover, Andrea Schopf, Steve Koser, Lawrence Beckmann, and Luann Bicevskis.

John Walizer, Steve Kramer, Shane Mack and Jim Schopf are on the Board as coaches.

For information on more of our staff, please check out the Coaches Page and the  Contact Us Page.