Practice Basics

What Parents Need to Do and Know About Practices:

  • Arrive 15 minutes before the practice start time to leave enough time to take the layers of clothes off and change shoes.
  • Shorts, t-shirts, wrestling shoes and headgear are the proper attire for practice.  Short and t-shirts should be somewhat tight fitting so their opponent’s hands and feet do not get caught in them and so hands and feet are not hidden allowing coaches to see if they are practicing a move correctly.
  • Headgear is recommended for all wrestlers and must be worn during the entire practice.  Please write the wrestler’s last name in permanent marker on their headgear.
  • IMPORTANT: For the safety of our wrestlers we need to keep our mats and wrestlers as clean as possible:
  • Be sure your wrestler(s) shower immediately after practice or as soon as they get home from practice.
  • Practice clothes must be washed after every practice.  Clothes should never be worn a second time to practice without being washed between practices.
  • Only wrestling shoes are to be worn on the mats during practice.
  • Wrestling shoes are not to be worn off the mat.  Be sure wrestlers carry their shoes in from the car, put them on when they get to the mat and take them off mat-side at the end of practice.  They should never be worn outside.
  • Spray wrestling shoes and headgear with a disinfectant spray regularly.
  • Water fountains are available for the wrestlers, but water bottles are preferred.
  • Parents are encouraged to drop their kids off at practice.  If parents chose to stay please keep the volume down.  The acoustics in the wrestling room with 60 kids make it tough to communicate at times.